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Hi, my name is Yati Ng, I am doing home based manicure & pedicure services located in Bukit Panjang. I have more than 6 years of experience in manicure and pedicure and an ICN Academy certified in 3D Folk Art Manicurist. I had been working with some reputable Nails Salons, Beauty & SPA Centres for years and have a strong interest in nail arts and knowledgeable in manicure and pedicure.

I really enjoy my profession, it is so delighted to see my Customers leaving my chair with smiles. Taking care of my Customers and making them happy is my most important goal.

It is therapeutic for me to see Customers feel good about themselves after my services. The personal rewards I receive from a well done job is so wonderful.

We are located at Bukit Panjang (Blk 103 Gangsa Road).
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9067 9839 (HP) / 6497 6712 (Telp) for an appointment ...


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H/p: 9067 9839

Telp: 6497 6712